A Pause in the Action…for Inspiration. :)

I just wanted to take a moment before we get to the Rune of Inspiration, Ansuz, to tell everyone about what inspired me to do a blog like this.

I have to say my biggest inspiration is Northern Runes Radio or the NRR. They are a podcast that did a Runic Series that was phenomenal! It really fired my imagination and lit a bonfire underneath me to push forward in my faith and practice this year. I will provide links below so you can listen and share in their podcasts.

Their podcast provided me a framework on how to construct my blog. A lot of blogs and books out there focus on the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark and that’s ok. But I loved how the NRR took all the major systems and combined them into a cohesive series. So I’m doing just that in blog form here, on Facebook, and now on Tumblr. It’s all about growth and raising awareness of the Runes as a system of becoming who YOU truly are. Also I’ve seen bloggers give only insights on each rune with tidbits of lore inserted here or there and that’s cool too. However, I’m providing all the Rune poems and the Spell songs of Oðinn from the Havamal. And then I go into my own insights that I’ve gleaned from the runic energies thus far. They will change, grow, and deepen over time because the relationship with the Runes is a lifetime relationship! So I hope that imitation being the highest form of flattery brings honor to the efforts of Wodenson and Tyrsson of Northern Runes Radio! Hail to the NRR!

Secondly, I’ve seen many websites that have a daily reading from the Havamal both on blogs and on Facebook. What they do is very cool with reaching so many Ásatrúar and non-Asatruar with those readings! So I said to myself: Is there a daily rune posting blog or a Facebook page?? After a brief search, I couldn’t find many. I found a weekly rune blog but not a daily. I will be sharing pieces of the Sagas from the Lore on the runes as well. I hope to provide context for how the runes were used in the past and maybe how they can be applied today. So I thought it was perfect to do a daily rune blog. So I hope you enjoy these posts and share them widely.

Lastly, I’m doing this blog as both a mental and spiritual exercise to become more aware of my own soul complex and the Runes themselves. I’m on a journey much like my hero and God, Oðinn. As Oðinn shared the Runes with the Gods and mankind, I’m here to share them and my thoughts with all of you.

The Runes are a gift shared. It’s a gift for a gift. As Oðinn hung on that windy tree to give the Runes to me and you, It’s time that I put in the effort and sacrifice to give something back to all of you!!

Hail and Bright Blessings to you all as we journey together!

Links to the NRR:

Links to Rune Lore for All:


2 thoughts on “A Pause in the Action…for Inspiration. :)”

    1. Wodenson and the NRR have stopped broadcasting. Wodenson was having a bunch of personal issues and couldn’t maintain the podcast. He tried to let his partners run the network but that was a “no-go”.

      It’s a sad situation but that’s what happened.

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