Elder Futhark: Ansuz

Anglo-Saxon Futhorc: Os

Younger Futhark: ‘Ass

Letter: A

Number: 4

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem:

The mouth is the source of all language, a pillar of wisdom and a comfort to wise men,a blessing and a joy to every knight.

Old Icelandic Rune Poem:

Ase is the olden-father,and Ásgardhr’s chieftain, and the leader of Valhöll.

Norwegian Rune Poem:

Estuary is the way of most journeys; but a scabbard is of swords.

The Havamal – The Sayings of the High One:

A fourth still I know, when someone throws my arms and legs into fetters; as soon as I sing it, I can go forth, from my feet fall the fetters, the hasp falls from my hands.

My Runic Insights:

odin2I wanna take some time on this Rune because this is one of the important ones. It is a very personal rune to me. I have a deep respect and reverence for this Rune especially as well as for the others. I chose Ansuz to be the picture that represents myself as my personal profile picture here on WordPress.

It’s a rune that is closely tied with Óðinn, the All-Father. It is the rune of ecstatic inspiration. It is a rune of freedom of fetters of the mind. It is the rune that is the first step to touching your higher self. It is the rune that wakes you up to who you TRULY are!! This rune is a personal rune because I am continually inspired to seek after its wisdom just as Óðinn had done. I am continually seeking after the ecstatic experience that comes when you are in union with your entire soul complex and the very multi-verse itself.


I like to talk about the close relationship this rune has with Óðinn. The rune means mouth, speech, language and breath of the world. When you look at the mythology and Lore, you see that Óðinn along with brothers, Vili and Ve give gifts to mankind.  Óðinn gave the gift of Ond or breath to Ash and Elm, the first human beings, and with breath comes speech. Also when I did some research on the meaning of the name Óðinn, you find means breath, ecstatic experience, and frenzy. So Ansuz is a very apt rune for the All-Father!

If you have ever wondered if there was something more to this existence beyond the mundane, you are RIGHT! Ansuz is the rune that draws down the energy in a very controlled and direct fashion from the multi-verse. It is what I was talking about with Uruz as the connection to the divine coming back down to Midgard. The connection allows one to communicate with the higher self and in turn the entire soul complex which gives a person the power to affect change in their own world and the world of others.

Ansuz is a very esoteric rune. It is one of the more important runes when you want to learn about working Rune Magic or Galdr.  It is that first step because it is this power under control that allows us to en-soul our words with the speech that can affect change but we first have to let go of the mundane, the ego, the indoctrination that this existence is all that is. But we have to work for this ecstatic experience first. We have to have a commitment to the meditative process on all of the runes. Meditation is the basis for any esoteric system no matter what system you are using. If you don’t have that level of perseverance and commitment, you will only be paying lip service to the tune or God you are trying to invoke. Because there’s a difference between a person who just recites a galdr (runic) chant and someone that truly en-souls the galdr when they are sing it. For example, you can watch Roseanne Barr sing the national anthem at a baseball game and say that was nice (obviously in a sarcastic tone). And then you can watch Whitney Houston sing that same anthem and find that you’re crying!

As I have learned from Thurisaz, that Thurisaz represents a rune of the raw power that is behind cycles of nature which death is a part of. Death is not the end, it can and does bring life. Remember, the example of a forest fire and the new growth that grew up & out of the ashes of old growth. That old growth is our ego-centric mindset and it has to be burnt away (die) before we can experience this ecstatic inspiration. We have to let go of indoctrination of the mundane to experience the beyond. In the lore, Odin had to hang on the world tree, sacrificing himself to himself to experience the runes. He came up screaming as he took them up. That is the ecstatic experience of which I speak. You have to put the time in with this rune and the others in order to wake up to that experience because once you do you can affect change in your life and lives of others. So we must take the connection to eternity and sacrifice our inertial, mundane, “just existing for existing” lives and raise up our awareness of the divine within all of us which some call the fetch or the higher genius to be able to work with the runic energies.


The Norwegian Rune poem says “Estuary is the way of most journeys and but a scabbard is of swords.” Estuary is an open river mouth that meets the Ocean (the multi-verse). We must be like an Estuary. We must be open to channel to the energies of the multi-verse (the Ocean) through this ecstatic experience or inspiration. Moreover, there needs to be a balance within ourselves both here in our physical bodies and also with all the parts of our soul. Once we are in that union we can use that energy, we can invoke that energy and we can help wake up others. However, there is the scabbard. The scabbard is like the mundane existence that tell us that all there is is this world and nothing more. A scabbard is covering that goes over a sword. This scabbard is the blinder which has been place on us by our own thoughts, by the ideas of the media, by authority figures, etc. We must let loose the sword because that sword is that controlled and directed energy that we have during the ecstatic experience. And we can perform magick with that “sword” once we have right relationship with and union with our higher selves.


Ansuz is a Rune of Freedom. It is the freedom from the fetters of your mind. As we have grown up, we have been indoctrinated with things or ideas that this life is the only one we have. We have been told that the spiritual is outside of ourselves and that we should seek that outside spiritual experience.  We create a prison of the mind which is generated, in part, from ourselves and from our upbringing has created for us. However, we DO have a connection to the divine inside of all of us. The way to connect to the divine is to learn how to communicate with each of the parts of our soul. Once we have that communication, we can work true magick. You can do that through working through each of the runes in turn because they are a path with windows onto the creative and destructive forces of the universe. They are a path to a union and relationship with your fetch. Ansuz is one of the first keys. It’s the key out of our own prisons. Once that door is open and you are truly free to be who you truly are.

I also like to take a moment to talk about shapes of runes. I know it may sound simple or silly. But I like to believe that simply looking at a rune  can provide a lot of information once you know what that rune is all about. So let’s take Ansuz and variant shapes. The first shape of Ansuz kind of looks like a person with his arms outstretched in joy or perhaps freedom. It looks like this figure is having a moment of ecstatic inspiration that we’ve talked about.  Someone also pointed out that it looks like Óðinn with his cloak flapping in the breeze. The second shape of the rune is the classic Elder Futhark form and in my mind, it looks like rays of light streaming in from a window. It is that light that is the inspiration. It’s like the light bulb going off. That moment of complete awe in just staring at the streams of sunlight as it hits your face or enters the room. It’s like being in a church as the sun hits the stain glass windows and comes in fills that sacred space with light. It’s that moment that where you call FEEL that moment of reverence, that moment of divine inspiration, or that ecstatic experience. In the third shape, we see a connection to Uruz if you take away the smaller arm on the right hand side.  You also imagine it as a simplified river estuary with a wide mouth open to the ocean (multi-verse).

As we continue that metaphoric story, we are that cosmic bull of energy and we have charged through the thorn bush! We’ve gained that experience of the destructive side of nature and brought it under conscious control in Ansuz.

Embrace the ecstatic inspirational moments in your life! Know that there is so much more to life that the mundane day to day drudgery! Know that you have the power within you to access all the parts of your soul! Know that the Runes are a path and are keys to waking up to who you truly are! There is freedom out there for one’s mind! Be Free!! Know that you can be! Hail Óðinn!


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