All good things…

Hello all, 

Rune Lore for All is deeply saddened that the NRR – International Podcast Network will be leaving the airwaves! Your podcast was top notch! The content superb! The host was an example of the best in Heathenry!

I want to say a heartfelt thank you!! Thank you for your service and sacrifice for the folk!! You’ll be greatly missed!

Thank you for having us as a network partner! Much love and respect to you Daniel Updike!! Hail to you in all that you do in the future!! ALU!!
– James Moore-Hodur

Author/Blogger of Rune Lore for All #RuneLoreforAll


Here is the announcement from the NRR from their Facebook page:

An announcement regarding the Network which of necessity has taken place. Due to responsibilities I have, some of which have only become clear very recently, I will no longer have the time to run the Network as I have done up to this point. Even with a schedule, and regular podcast contributors, there is no collaberation or interest in working as a Network. Some partners seem to think I am giving the NRR to some organization or other lol. If they would have decided to collaborate like a network they could have had it all between themselves, and enjoyed consensus self determination AS a network. Without that collaboration in maturity none will have it, as the NRR stood for all of Heathenry, not just one viewpoint.

Seeing this, the Network will cease to exist as of the last day of September, or earlier depending on my whim. I am sad for the listeners as you folk bear the loss of this foolishness, as well as those partners who were really doing things that made a difference. This is an object lesson for the viability of modern Heathenry as on a small scale, this is what also awaits a movement unable to see past their own dogmatic viewpoints.
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