Runic Shorthand- Part 2

Here are some keywords or phrases that are associated meanings for each of the runes that we have explored so far. Some of the keywords are the typical meanings and some are key phrases from the blog posts on these runes.

I hope they help all of you on your own journey through the runes!

(Pictured above contains the Elder Futhark on the Top, the lower left is the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, and the Younger Futhark on the Lower right)


Hagalaz/Haegal/Hagall: Hail, Potentiality of Creation and Destruction, Face your Fear, Cosmic Seed, and Completion.

Nauthiz/Nyd/Naudh: Challenge, Constraint, Experience of Inertia, Nail of the Norns, Face your Enemy, and Difficulty.

Isa/Íss/Ís: Ice, Stagnation, Inertia Itself, Conduction of Energy to the Universe through personal self work, Face yourself, and deceptive quality of ice.

Jera/Ger/Ár: The Harvest, What you sow, so shall you Reap, Cycle of Örlog and Wyrd. Natural Cycles, Life/Death/Rebirth, and closely tied to the power of the god, Frey.

Eihwaz/Eoh: Yew Tree, Connection to the Ancestors/Gods/Vaettir, Cycles of Life and Death, Vertical Axis of the World Tree, and rune of the Folk Soul.

Perthro/Peorth: Dice Cup, Chance, Örlog Revealed, the dice in the cup is our Örlog, What dice are you thowing?, and What is the resulting throwing of the dice? (Wyrd).

Elhaz (Algiz)/Eohl: Eohl-Sedge or Elk Sedge plant, Protection from Negative Sources (Temporary), Connection with the Fetch, Meeting your inner valkyrie.

Sowilo/Sigel/Sol: Sun, Victory, the Reward from meeting your Fetch, Being filled with numinous knowledge, and a Knowing we can now go forth with this Power.


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