Stay Rune’d!

Hi Fellow Runesters,

I know it’s been quite awhile since I have last written on the runes. I have been going through some serious mental health issues and personal problems over the fall of 2016 and into the holiday season of 2016. I have cleared up most of my stresses. I’m on a better path.

2017 has come and I will be returning to this blog. I am re-dedicating myself to myself and  to my esoteric practices to bring to you my insights on Runic Lore and the magic of the Runes themselves.

So please be on the lookout as I will be delving into the energy and the lore of the rune, Tiwaz!

Stay Runed!!



5 thoughts on “Stay Rune’d!”

  1. Hello. I’m a lad from buffalo who is beginning to learn about asatru. I would be much obliged for your mentorship.

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